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Latest Release: 1.0.0

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About Fontismo

Fontismo is an iPad app that provides access to 50 open-licence fonts that are readily available on other platforms but not the iPad.

Please see the licence section, below, for information on the licences that these fonts are made available under, and the non-commercial nature of Fontismo.

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How to Use Fontismo

The first time you run Fontismo, it will provide you with a brief introduction to its functionality. The app also provides more extensive guidance if you tap the Help button above the list of available typefaces.

View the list of typefaces
Confirm font installation

Swipe right to left over typeface names to see controls for that typeface: Add to install a typeface:

Add a new typeface

Or Remove to uninstalled a typeface that you installed before:

Remove an installed typeface

Swipe left to right over typeface names to see controls for all typefaces: Add All to install any typefaces not yet installed, or Remove All to uninstall every typeface that you have installed:

Remove or add all of the typefaces in one go

There is also an Add All button above the list of typefaces.

When you tap on the name of an installed typeface, Fontismo displays an interactive preview of that typeface, including all its various styles and weights. You can select any of these variations of the typeface, if it has any, using the Variations menu at the top (this is disabled if there is only one font in the typeface):

Select which font variation to display

Move the slider to increase or decrease the point size of the sample text in the top half of the screen. At large point sizes, this text can be scrolled to view any part of it.

Enter text of your own in the area in the bottom half of the screen to see how it will appear in the selected typeface and variation:

Preview a font using your own text

You can also see the list of typefaces installed on your iPad by looking in the Settings app under General > Fonts, but this list will also include typefaces installed by other apps too.

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Licence Information

All the of fonts made accessible through Fontismo are offered under open licences, details of which you can view in Fontismo’s section of the iPad’s Settings app — which also lists the typefaces’ creators.

Fontismo provides — and will always provide — these fonts free of charge, either directly as in-app purchases, or indirectly through app subscriptions, as a paid app, or through advertising. Fontismo was written to allow me to make use on my iPad of the same fonts I already use on my laptop computer, and I hope it will benefit others in the same way.

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Release Notes

  • 1.0.0
    • Initial public release.

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Source Code

You can view Fontismo’s source code at GitHub.

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